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Let our expertise, advice, and proven 360° Process make your financial journey as smooth as possible, with tools and techniques that will increase your wealth along the way.


Cashflow Management

Maintaining positive cash flow is crucial to holding a steady path to financial success. It’s like flying a plane without fuel – you get nowhere fast!


Risk Management

A complete financial plan includes a risk management strategy. No matter the circumstances, we’ll work to keep your financial journey moving forward.


Tax Planning

Our tax planning strategies are designed to put the tax codes to work for you, so you get to keep more of your hard-earned money and stay focused on your financial goals.


Investment Planning

It’s for anyone who wants to have their hard-earned money working for them and ultimately grow their financial portfolio.


Estate Planning

Preserve your wealth for your family, respected charitable organizations or institutions, or whomever you wish to be your beneficiary. With an estate plan tailored to your wishes,


What our clients say about us


We were introduced to Shiv Kalyan in 2004 by our Accountant, as we were looking for a financial advisor. Once we met, it began a long, pleasant journey, often meeting with Shiv to review our finances and for him to offer advice on investments. He became a trusted family friend, with my father and brother also engaging with him for advice. We are grateful for knowing him and for the financial success that we have achieved. We highly recommend him to family or friends looking for a financial advisor.

Elaine and Steve


Shiv was introduced to me almost 8 years ago. He has consistently provided me guidance with my finances and has significantly improved my net worth since then. I trust his advice and his knowledge based on his proven experience throughout his years in the industry. I will definitely recommend him and his firm any time to family, friends and colleagues and look forward to continuing to grow my portfolio over time.

Alison W


We were referred to Shiv Kalyan in 2004 by our accountants at the time. We had just incorporated a couple of years ago. With Shiv's guidance, we started to put together a proper strategy and solutions in place. We have grown over the years and have a number of employees. Shiv has been providing us with timely advice over the years both personally and for our Corporation. We are happy to recommend him and Nobias Financial Services Agency Inc.

Randy and Dawn


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